The highest quality standards,
Sviatoslav Korostelov
The origins of Avers birth go back to 1994 when there was an opportunity for business in independent Ukraine for the first time. The company was one of the first to carry out the maintenance of cars, to sell vehicles and components.
After a while, it gained a powerful production, a material base, competence and solid experience. In 2005, one of the directions of the company's development was the tuning of cars in the prestige segment. In 2008, they opened the largest Ukrainian production of a closed cycle for the re-equipment of premium cars. This allowed us to become a niche leader and a landmark player in the CIS and Western Europe.
The implemented solutions of Avers earned an impeccable reputation among businessmen, politicians, public figures of Ukraine and Europe, under the leadership of the company's chief executive, Sviatoslav Korostelov.
The strong network of international partnerships has been organized for fruitful years of work. Located in different countries of the world, our partners are leaders in their field.
How we are work
Avers creates exclusive carriages for people whose life outlook can be called extraordinary. Clients of the center competently invest their time spent on trips and appreciate luxury in harmony with high-tech solutions.
The team's 24-year experience is priceless. During this time, inconceivable ideas of customers for the re-equipment of expensive cars, yachts, and airplanes were realized. Unique solutions have been found for the implementation of the salon functionality, not previously used in conveyor automotive production.
productive years in the auto-tuning market
tuned vehicles
comprehensive upgrades
A distinctive feature of Avers is a full-fledged customer care, manifested in the accuracy, pedantry, and respect for business etiquette. In addition, the company provides a lifetime warranty on work reliability, so the buyer is free from unnecessary excitement.
Particular care is the full cycle service. This is the purchase of a premium car from anywhere in the world, re-equipping it to a comfortable and luxurious masterpiece of manual work for 1-3 months, and the delivery of the turn-key project to the customer. A similar service is provided by colleagues from Germany and the United States, but the cost is several times more expensive in, and the execution time is longer.
Avers team is always open to new, technical-complex projects. They work only with luxury German, Italian and Japanese brands. Therefore the interior functions of the re-equipped minibus or minivan will rival any car of the executive class.
High professionalism is a small part of success. The company annual visits the world exhibition sites of car dealers, getting new knowledge and inspiration for the realization of mega ideas. Geneva in March, Detroit in January, and Paris or Frankfurt in the fall.
Admiration of clients is a mirror of the Avers company professionalism. If you want to own a unique innovative project — entrust your vehicle to us!
Three Steps to Success
1 Consultation
Fill out the application form through the website
The manager will contact you, give advice and make an estimate
Coordinates your visit to Avers at a convenient time and date
2 Design
The designer offers time-tested standard projects or creates an individual variant of design and functionality
Together we will choose the texture of the material and the unique color solution
3 Implementation
The car is delivered to production
The team of the company's professionals modernizes the car according to the approved project in the established time frame
Take an exclusive car and enjoy a new creation
Join the community of successful people
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