Create an elite office on wheels
for comfort and luxury on trips
5 integral parts
of the premium cabin
Comfortable seats and sleeping places
Comfortable multi-functional seats from Mercedes and BMW allow the body to relax during a long journey. If you are concerned about back pain, transforming the seats into a bed will be a salvation, allowing the freshness of the mind to be maintained. You will get pleasant sensations, touching soft leather from leading manufacturers in Europe.
A soundproof partition will help to keep the confidentiality of phone calls, private conversations with the interlocutor, or simply focus on work. It reliably separates your personal space from the location of the staff. It serves as a base for installing smart glass and multimedia.
Lighting and multimedia
Unique multi-level lighting determines the atmosphere in the cabin. Ceiling lighting provides daylight for business processes. Decorative lighting promotes relaxation and maximum immersion in viewing entertainment content through modern multimedia. Advanced communications facility will provide uninterrupted communication with the whole world.
Tables and additional options
Do you need to work with documents, use a laptop or have a small lunch? Without a comfortable desk this is not possible. The desk has a mechanical or electronic layout, and it will become a reliable assistant. Retractable bar, safe or refrigerator — auxiliary functionality of the modern office.
Color of the interior design
Designer upholstery with the best Italian and German leather will emphasize the status of the owner. Be inspired to choose unique color solutions.
Learn about the possibilities already implemented in life
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Black & White Edition
Mercedes Sprinter
White Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Brown Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Beige Edition
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Brown Edition
Chevrolet Express
Brown Edition
Mercedes-Benz V-class
Blue Edition
Three Steps to Success
1 Consultation
Fill out the application form through the website
The manager will contact you, give advice and make an estimate
Coordinates your visit to Avers at a convenient time and date
2 Design
The designer offers time-tested standard projects or creates an individual variant of design and functionality
Together we will choose the texture of the material and the unique color solution
3 Implementation
The car is delivered to production
The team of the company's professionals modernizes the car according to the approved project in the established time frame
Take an exclusive car and enjoy a new creation
is the leader in the conversion of minivans and minibuses in Eastern Europe
productive years in the auto-tuning market
tuned vehicles
comprehensive upgrades
Established a small company Avers for car maintenance
Significant growth of the company due to the increase in production bases
Formed a new division, specializing in tuning cars
1st place in the category "Sound quality" in the final of the European competition IASCA 2006
The tuning department was transformed into Avers Center, a company operating in this prestigious segment
Designed and created the first office on wheels based on a Mercedes minibus
Avers is mentioned in the following magazines "Focus", "Status", "Auto Sound & FORZ"
Entering the market of CIS countries - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia
Working with partners in Europe and the Near East
Completion of the construction of the complex of buildings of the company allowed to create a closed production cycle
The company continues to dynamically develop in the construction of premium offices on wheels, as well as expanding markets and partner networks
Winning leading positions across Europe in the field of auto refitting
Join the community of successful people
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