Chevrolet Express
Brown Edition
SKU: CE001
A comfortable minibus with just enough salon space for large-scale refitting and realization of most ambitious ideas. Holds up to 8 people, what allows you to hold both - business meetings on the move, as well as comfortable travels with your family and dearest people.
Comfort on the way
Freedom of communication is the distinctive quality of this luxurious cabin. You can confer with a group of people actively, or you can have privacy by taking a stand-alone captain's chair. From whatever place is occupied by passengers, they can view multimedia content on 32-inch TVs at both ends of the office.
Comfortable arrangement in prestige class seats is a real salvation from fatigue and back pain. Even holding a book or smartphone in your hands, the muscles will be relaxed thanks to the comfortable wide armrests. If you are feeling an unpleasant cold or heat, you do not need to turn on the heater or air conditioner to create a cozy climate. By one finger movement, you turn on the function of heating or ventilation built into the armchairs.
The unique style of ceiling lighting creates the impression that you are aboard a spaceship. The softness of diffused daylight allows you to immerse yourself in reading or doing business tasks without eye strain at any time of the day. Using the regulator you adjust the brightness level of light as desired. Accent light sources located above each seat serve as an alternative in a darkened cabin.
Being on the road, you can comfortably work with documents or for a laptop, placing everything you need on an easily unfolding table. Located between the seats facing each other, it allows you to work together on one project or a quick bite to eat.
Cooling chamber
Fresh products and drinks are available to you throughout the journey thanks to the built-in compressor refrigerator between the captain's chairs. It not only cools the contents but also warms up if necessary. If you adhere strictly to treatment schedule, then such a device will become indispensable for storing medicines for long trips.
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The full-size van converts into a luxurious office, adaptable to individual needs: whether a family trip, a personal business trip or a corporate transfer. The exquisite cabin with a calibrated combination of cognac-colored leather and light Alcantara resembles the cabin of a private yacht.
The designer trim by natural veneer and premium leather gives the interior a rich charm.
Daylight lighting dome in aristocratic style covers the entire ceiling. An alternative is a spotlight built-in above each seat. The source of sunlight is sifted through the curtains on the windows.
The ideal silence is achieved due to vibration-canceling and noise proofing of the whole van body. Multi-function seats from BMW 7 create genuine comfort. Having occupied a comfortable position on the sofa, at the distance of the outstretched hand there is a sliding table, a bar, a refrigerator, a socket for recharging all your devices. An elegant luggage compartment is located behind it, which retained the same design interior.
Modern multimedia, controlled by the head unit Pioneer, complements the harmony. By connecting a laptop, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV to the audio and video system via USB and HDMI ports, you can play high-quality content. Two TV panels installed opposite each other, guarantee a complete overview from anywhere. Wireless Wi-Fi provides you with an online presence.
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