Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Brown Edition
SKU: MS002
The model represents boundless possibilities for the embodiment of its owner desires. Our experts will take care that the trip will never more be associated with lassitude. This is your office, your space, the time when you live only for yourself.
Quenching or lifting of spirits is a momentary affair. Conveniently located on the rear sofa, on both sides, glasses and chilled drinks are available to you at arm's length. They are securely fixed in special wells of bar counters and are available for open access.
All fatigue and irritation disappear in an instant when you house in comfortable seats. The muscles of the body relax thanks to the anatomical relief of the chair, freeing the brain from unnecessary tension. Wanting to occupy a comfortable position reclining, you easily lower the seat back and raise support for your feet with the control panel built-in the armchair. Soft pillows on the headrests contribute to a healthy sleep.
Designer lighting is installed around the perimeter of the ceiling. It dispels soft daylight, which helps reading and working with documents at any time, without straining your eyesight. The optional lighting accents above each seat will allow you to work with the muted lighting of the cabin, without disturbing anyone.
The LCD monitor allows you to set the desired atmosphere. Watching a TV show or movie for entertainment, a showing a presentation or business analysis — everything is in your hands. By connecting your device to the screen, you easily output the necessary content for easy viewing to all passengers. The clock set under the TV-panel will help you not lose track of time along the way.
What happiness it is to lie and relax on a double bed when there is a long road ahead or a night relocation. In addition, it is not a massive construction, but a unique development of the company Avers, folding in a couple of seconds into a comfortable sofa. A snow-white niche is built above it, for storing the bedding, blankets, and pillows.
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The long-wheelbase minibus is converted into a family suite on wheels, accommodating 8 people. Easily adapted for business trips with a group of partners. Equipped with a pneumatic suspension Drive-Rite.
The luxurious cabin is accentuated by a combination of trim ocher color and cream Alcantara. Natural veneer and leather create impressive accents in the interior picture.
Full daylight fills the cabin at the expense of a ceiling light in the style of Maybach. The lighting flow is regulated through the integrated control panel and electronic blinds on the windows.
Perfect comfort is achieved through the seats of the BMW 7 and a sofa of unique design. At the touch of a button, they are transformed into a comfortable bed. Decorative pillows and adjustable spotlights provide complete relaxation. But that's not all! At your disposal, there are also two mini-bars, a folding table, and cup holders near each chair. The niche above the sofa and the designer luggage compartment will neatly accommodate the necessary items.
Active pastime guarantees multimedia Alpine, controlled remotely from a convenient location. Video content is displayed on a 32-inch TV-panel from any device using USB, HDMI ports or Wi-Fi. The high quality of sound is achieved thanks to a modern acoustic system and noise proofing of the body. For gamers a Sony PlayStation 4 is installed. At the same time, you can use the 12-volt and 220-volt charging outlets for recharging devices on each seat.
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