Mercedes-Benz V-class
Beige Edition
SKU: MV003
Elegant lines and Mercedes-Benz style have always been considered as a sign of a good taste and presentability. The car must match its owner, so we are proud to present you a unique element that will complete your perfect character.
Ceiling luminaire
Actively spend time doing work tasks or have a rest reading business literature, thanks to artificial daylight. It gently dissipates from the ceiling, illuminating the entire interior space. At your discretion, you can adjust the brightness level, creating an ideal balance for visual perception.
You will feel a special comfort, occupying a comfortable position, sitting in an anatomical chair with additional back support. When you want to lie down, you can lower your back and lift the ottomans with the help of an existing remote. Also, the wide pillows on the headrests help to have a good night's sleep. By turning on the built-in massager, you will get rid of accumulated stresses during the day. Additionally, the functions of heating and ventilation allow you to set the desired body temperature.
Individual lighting
Reading during a trip is an entertaining process when you use personal design sconces. They are mounted on each chair and allow you to direct the streams of cold light in a given plane. By adjusting the angle of illumination, your eyes will not quickly tire. You can use accent warm lighting, installed above the chairs after deciding to relax a bit, instead of ceiling lighting.
Interior body bulkhead
All conversations, private calls and business negotiations are confidential thanks to the presence of a soundproof partition. Organized personal space allows you to set your own atmosphere along the way. At the same time, you do not care about what the service personnel hear or see you. Intercom system help to connect with them.
Expresso machine
You can enjoy your favorite aromatic coffee at any time without making stops on the way. All that is needed is to press the button of an automated coffee machine, ideally integrated into the console of the inter-branch partition. You will find the necessary set of coffee cups in a special retractable niche, located above the Expresso machine.
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The minivan is converted into a presidential suite on wheels, the interior of which resembles the VIP cabin of a private jet. And the unique noise proofing guarantees absolute silence as if you are flying alone above the ground.
The gentle gamut of the cabin, created from German leather and Italian Alcantara in beige color, determines the belonging to the premium class. The handmade veneer made from Karelian birch adds a special nobility to the interior.
Two aristocratic LED panels in the style of Maybach cover the ceiling, dissipating daylight 24 hours a day. In addition to the windows are installed tight curtains, protecting from sunlight and bothersome views.
Business chairs with anatomical reliefs create comfort and coziness along the way. They are controlled using a set of buttons located on the sides of the author's console, which separates the seats. The 7-inch tablet with Touch Screen is built-in the console and equipped with smart car systems and Apple CarPlay. Using it, you can freely lean on the wide armrest, which covers oneself 2 folding tables. The console is equipped with an elegant handle that helps you move around the cabin.
The driver's branch and the VIP-cabin are separated by a solid partition, which guarantees privacy to passengers. In the upper zone is mounted a retractable a 32-inch TV. Alpine head unit and Focal speakers are side by side, reproducing the ideal studio sound. The lower part is the console-transformer. The van body becomes a four field cabin, spreading out into 2 comfortable seats. Between them is a built-in Sony PlayStation 4, a coffee machine and a set of cups for connoisseurs of a fragrant drink.
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