Mercedes-Benz V-class
Blue Edition
SKU: MV011
The elegant interior with restrained notes of Art Nouveau is designed on the basis of Mercedes-Benz V-class. Due to high driving performance and the characteristics of the car, passengers will receive a level of comfort at the level of a small private jet aircraft. The contrast of the color scheme in the salon creates feelings of relaxation and harmony.
Highly comfortable Maybach armchairs
In the VIP-class saloon there are technological, comfortable Maybach armchairs. Among their functions: multi-zone seat and backrest adjustments, heating, cooling, ventilation. Sheathing material - high-quality leather with perforations, embroidered with geometric ornament in the style of Maybach. The armchairs are equipped with adjustable footrests and headrests. Folding tables-transformers are located in the center console.
Automobile partition
The salon is separated from the driver’s cab by a functional partition. The sliding 32-inch LCD TV-panel is the central element. The facade of the partition combines white Alcantara, polished veneer of natural wood, natural blue leather with a diamond-shaped ornament. The polished wood trim is complemented by the original watch.
Control panel
The central console combines the functions of managing salon options and additional niches for glasses and things. The head unit Alpine with Apple car play organically combines with the ergonomics of the smooth lines of the console. There are also 12/220 V sockets, USB / HDMI connectors.
LED lighting panel
Soft daylight in the cabin is provided by a large ceiling lamp with LED lamps. This way of lighting creates a daylight effect that emphasizes a harmonious composition of interior colors and decor elements. Passengers are available small make-up mirrors, mounted in the ceiling. Also in the cabin is implemented RGB backlight, which allows you to choose one of three colors: red, green, blue.
Car refrigerator
A long trip or business meeting will be held with maximum comfort, as there will always be cool drinks. Mini-refrigerators are located in the center console of the cabin and the driver’s area.
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The design idea was subordinated to the idea of ensuring the maximum comfort of passengers and creating a harmonious, peaceful mood. Comfortable passenger places, the highest level of finishing, exceptional quality of materials immersed in a pleasant atmosphere of coziness and comfort.
In the cabin there are two rows of seats, one of which (in the front part) can be quickly dismantled if necessary.
One of the features of the project is a massive ergonomic central console with an integrated mini-refrigerator and a place for storing glasses.
The climate control is implemented on the ceiling, near folding make-up mirrors.
A large TV panel, high-quality speakers, the head unit Alpine provide the multimedia potential of the salon.
The traditional range of limousine options includes sockets, USB / HDMI connectors, places for clothing, an original Mercedes umbrella, intercom communication.
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