Mercedes-Benz V-class
Blue Edition
SKU: MV007
Elegant lines and Mercedes-Benz style have always been considered as a sign of a good taste and presentability. The car must match its owner, so we are proud to present you a unique element that will complete your perfect character.
To provide the maximum comfort level in salon the transforming chairs has been installed. As a covering for seats we used the high-quality, perforated leather with an insert of the white colored decorative strip. Special refinement to the material was given by the rhombic insertion, which is widely applied for salon design of premium class Mercedes models.
The exclusive multimedia system with the hard drive and the multifunction control panel, which can be used for salon, music, lighting and communication management, is installed in the central console, located between passenger chairs. Under the LCD screen you can find useful USB and HDMI exits. The console is designed with combination of ergonomic style and functionality.
Partition panel
The Body bulkhead with sliding TV panel and speaker system became the key element of the interior. The external design of the partition panel is made of blue leather with an insert of a white varnished plastic quilted element. The general interior ensemble is complemented with LED illumination and black, glossy, shock-resistant material elements.
The LED illumination providing soft, quiet blue light became the magnificent addition of elegant decoration of salon. Elements of illumination are installed in side panels, the partition and vertical bracings. The brightness control is naturally provided.
The highlight of the partition panel became the electronic clock with the retrograde dial piece accented with the gray colored fringing. The dial illumination is foreseen for your convenience. The dial plate is also edged with a genteel silvery ring.
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The maximum comfort level in combination with bright interior design is provided due to rational use of space and competent combination of multifunctional Mercedes-Benz S 222 chairs with the central console. As the salon is built in the car with a high ceiling, the luxury effect and openness perception is reached. Bright lighting in salon is created by the expense of soft, flat light which is provided from the ceiling inbuilt "Maybach" plafond. The central console is equipped with niches for personal possessions storage. Elements of chairs control and convenient armrests, serve also as supports for drinks, are integrated into side panels of salon.
The Alpine speaker system and Sony TV-panel with 32 inches diagonal will brighten a trip with high-quality favorite music sounding and bright HD quality image.
In only a few minutes the salon can be transformed for comfortable 4 passengers accommodation. Movement of chairs is carried out by special aluminum guides. The ergonomic folding little table with the built-in niches for glasses locates between rows of seats. The table can be easily stowed in the side panel.
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