Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
White Edition
SKU: MS001
Elegant lines and Mercedes-Benz style have always been considered as a sign of a good taste and presentability. The car must match its owner, so we are proud to present you a unique element that will complete your perfect character.
To quench your thirst or to cheer your spirit along the way simply and quickly. Located on the rear sofa, you have at your disposal the contents of 2 mini-bars. Easily pushing the shutter-release door of one of the bars, you will have access to a chilled drinks and glasses for 4 people. Everything is securely fixed in the bar niches and has an individual highlight.
Comfortable chairs with the orthopedic design will help you occupy a comfortable position and fully relax. A separate soft pillow on the headrest favors a serene sleep. You will spend your time excited to read. This is facilitated by individual lighting, wide armrests, a grid for storing newspapers and magazines, and cup holders for drinks. Wearing comfortable slippers and hiding the shoes in the retractable box under the armchair, you will definitely feel at home.
Placing the table between the two armchairs, you can conveniently place a laptop or documents on it. In so doing, do not worry about the level of the charge of your device, since under the table there are 12-volt and 220-volt charging outlets. There are the necessary connectors for displaying content on TV from various devices. Having worked fruitfully and removing everything from the table, you can have a quick meal in the company of other passengers.
Modern multimedia equipment is ideal to relax or work on the way. Listen to music in studio quality, watch a movie, hold a presentation for all passengers or an online meeting — everything happens in one touch on the screen of the head unit. In so doing, you can play any content by connecting an iPhone, iPod or Apple TV.
You will experience the inexpressible feelings, situated on a 2 person bed at the end of the cabin. Now night travels and a long road trip will not be tiresome. After resting, you easily transform it into a comfortable sofa in 7-8 seconds, by pressing one button. At the same time, you can store pillows, blankets, and other accessories in a special closing niche located behind the bed.
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Entering the converted minibus, you seem to have boarded plane for first-class flight. It is a special delight to work on the way in seclusion on corporate negotiations.
Amazing interior trimmed with a premium-leather in a white color. The refined decorative outline of the brown tone and veneer details of precious wood emphasize the grace of forms.
The technological filling meets all modern requirements. Intercom communication for communication with the driver. A Wi-Fi network for web surfing and device synchronization. USB and HDMI ports for playing quality content.
The driver's branch, VIP cabin, and luggage compartment have different interiors. All thanks to two deaf partitions separating the minibus body. The first provides privacy to passengers and serves as a base for a TV, acoustics, clock and retractable glass. Attached on the exit side is a handmade Mercedes® umbrella. The second serves as a base for the designer cabinet, and is covered with a chocolate colored natural leather like the rest of the luggage compartment.
Landing seats — a fairy tale! The 1st sofa from BMW 7 contains a console for working with multimedia Alpine, a spacious glove box and wide armrests. The 2nd sofa has its own unique design, and is transformed into a 2 person bed, located next to two built-in mini-bars and a niche for the luggage. Next to each seat is mounted a control panel for the systems: 3 types of lighting, opening doors, the position of curtains and soundproof glass in the partition.
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